Dragescent Wiki

LJP points (Last Judgment Palace points) determine who win the age. Governorate and alliance with the most LJP points win.

Governorates gets LJP points from different actions

  • 1 development point = 1 LJP point
  • 100 experience for general = 1 LJP point
  • purchase village = 50 LJP points
  • expand village = 10 LJP points
  • purchase city = 100 LJP points
  • expand city = 20 LJP points
  • purchase industrial tile = 25 LJP points
  • winning a war = 250 LJP points

Alliance gets LJP points according to points of their members. Any time when an aliiance member gets LJP point, his aliiance gets the same amount of LJP ponts. But not points from the war. When alliance wins a war, it gets 250 LJP point as their members.