Dragescent Wiki

All races can have up to 4 unit types.

  • tier1 – every race starts with this unit type
  • tier 2 – unlocked by Training field (military building tier 1)
  • tier3 – unlocked by Barracks (military building tier 2)
  • Siege engines – unlocked by Siege workshop (military building tier 3).

Each unit requires exactly one pop to be recruited and varying amount of gold and weapons.

Each unit can work independently and doesn’t require any other unit to achieve its effect.

In case of destroyed military buildings, attributes of your army banner is lowers correspondingly.

Siege engines have only one attribute - wall attack. There are used after victorious battle to break enemies fortification to plunder their lands

Units attributes

All units have the following basic stats:

Attack – attack power, ability to hit

Defense – defense power, ability to block hits

Piercing  – ability to overcome armor

Armor – reduces damage by 25% unless it’s pierced

Ranged attack – ranged attack power, ability to hit targets in range phase

Range – distance from which the unit engages in range phase

Morale – mental resistance to damage

HP – hit points, physical resistance to damage

Banner’s stats are derived from these:

Attack – sum of the attack of all units

Defense – sum of the defense of all units

Piercing  – average piercing of all units

Armor – average armor of all units

Ranged attack – average ranged attack of all units

Range – lowest range of a ranged unit (unit with range 0 isn’t considered ranged unit)

Morale – average morale of all units

HP – sum of the HP of all units

Leading attacks

Attacks are created without any generals, the main soldier general oversees the entire banner.

Army upkeep

Each unit requires certain upkeep, that increases with unit tier.

  • tier1 requires only 1 food per turn.
  • tier2 requires 1 food and 1 gold per turn.
  • tier 3 requires 1 food and 2 gold per turn.
  • Siege engines require 1 food and 3 gold per turn.

Dismissing army units

Players can freely dismiss army units, that are present in the governorate (they can’t be attacking or otherwise sent outside of the governorate) and dismissing army unit refunds the pop, that can afterwards be used in a different way.